About the Order

Our Order is focused on establishing kinship to the present and future Sovereigns of Great Britain, beginning with HM Charles III, King of England, HRH William Arthur Philip Louis, Prince of Wales, and/or HRH George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge.

The members of our Order seek to establish such kinship via an American ancestor, not specifically a Gateway Ancestor, though some American ancestors on our list of those who qualify may be Gateway Ancestors.

Most people are unaware that HM Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, also had American ancestry in colonial Virginia.

Equally, people generally are unaware that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, also had American ancestry, chiefly in colonial New England and the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

This unique ancestry of the present royal family of Great Britain means that the present Sovereign, as well as his heirs-apparent, have tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of American cousins, and none of those American relatives need necessarily have a Gateway Ancestor that traces them to a royal descent.

Order of American Cousins of the Present and Future Sovereigns of Great Britain is a proud member of

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